Functional Yoga from Body Academy Riga – for a competent and deep understanding of the work of your body


Not ordinary yoga in the classical sense. The combination of the wisdom of ancient times and modern knowledge in the field of kinetics and biomechanics.
The best basic training for those who want to start moving, but want to do it consciously and competently.
Lessons in the Body Academy Riga studio, in the quiet center of Riga at Ausekļa iela 11 – 411

Yoga for modern people.
Have you never done yoga and really want to start, but are afraid of incomprehensible forms and difficult positions?
Do you have enough experience in yoga, but want to go deeper in your practice?
Then functional yoga from Body Academy riga is what you need!
A lesson based on one of the oldest schools of yoga – Kshatriya Yoga . A lesson based on the principle of power impulses and blind spots, which allows you to learn how to feel yourself and your body as much as possible. A lesson in which ancient systems are adapted to the physiology and biomechanics of modern people. An activity that allows you to understand that subtle and deep work with the body is the brightest meditation!

Seller Information
Body Academy Riga is a conscious movement studio. A space where meaningful approach to movement is tauqht, but at the same time where people trully fall in love with movement! A space where, with the help of movement, you learn to feel yourself and your body. A space whose motto is – the result is easy and with joy, and health is the main priority.
About the founder and coach of the studio:
Ksenia Korotetskaya – founder and coach of the Body Academy Riga studio, more than 3 years of experience in teaching
– Professional diploma of the Republic of Latvia of the 2nd category in the specialty “”yoga specialist””
-ITEC international diploma in yoga teaching
– 3 years of physical therapy studies at university
-American Barre Technique Certificate in Barre fitness Teaching – the official representative of this school in Latvia
-Constant professional development and a great thirst for knowledge and love for work!


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